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At the moment, Donna stores offer the widest range of Breuning jewelry, diamond collections, wedding and engagement rings. You can come to us with your beloved and order exclusive, perfect and individually styled wedding rings. In Donna jewelry store you can find the most suitable ring design and order them at your discretion, with diamonds, red, yellow or white gold. More than 1000 models are offered for your choice. Wedding rings are made in Germany within two weeks.

Top-class quality in jewelry design and manufacturing

Since 1927 Breuning has been a renowned manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry. Especially in wedding rings, Breuning is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. The brand’s success is primarily based on a well-thought-out combination of innovation, professionalism and quality. The knowledge and traditional craftsmanship possessed by the employees helps to bring innovative projects to such precise execution. This expert interaction of high level of manufacturing and design competence has been put into practice for many years. Marcus Breuning, now the third generation, who today leads the company founded in 1927, always emphasizes the importance of this tradition to which he is dedicated. These days, Breuning has machines and tools that are unparalleled internationally. Thanks to these technologies, technically complex patterns can be implemented, which in turn means that there is no limit to design innovation. Satisfied customers around the world are thrilled with Breuning jewelry.