Mattia Mazza

coral and pearl jewelry

Mattia Mazza is a jewelry company and brand based in the famous Italian town of Torre Del Greco. Known for its coral production tradition. The company presents itself to the global market as a coral and stone producer, pearl and turquoise merchant. A great contribution to work and experience allows Mattia Mazza to offer a wide range of jewelry, products with pearls and corals in gold, with innovative designs, perfectly processed with real corals and pearls. All Mattia Mazza products stand for refinement and Italian quality in the jewelry industry. All stones are real, without glued dust and with perfect processing.

“A talented jeweler is one who can create jewelry that is luxurious but not pretentious. I admire the ability of some people to make a product express a conceived idea. Everything that is done by hand, and this is not only jewelry, all these are objects of art. Made in Italy is art! And I do not work to create luxury items, but to create beautiful jewelry, hoping that people will like these items. Luxury is not an end in itself, ”says Mattia Mazza, a modern follower of the Mazza family jewelry business.

Each of the generations reverently preserves and constantly transforms the traditional techniques of family business. Therefore, “red gold”, as coral is called, has been and will remain the main specialization of the Mattia Mazza jewelry brand.

“It is impossible to work without tradition. Because you need to love your job, especially if it is manual work. It’s completely different when you’re an industrialist. And the craftsman’s handiwork implies love for what he creates. ” – Mattia Mazza admits.

The modern company Mattia Mazza, in its current form with an already developed sales network in Italy and abroad, was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the grandfather of the modern representative of the brand. His name was also Mattia Mazza and he became one of the first entrepreneurs of Torre del Greco, who managed to bring his jewelry factory to a national and international level.